The best laser hair removal in Austin

Are you tired of waxing or shaving unwanted body hair and looking for Laser Hair Removal Austina permanent way to get rid of unsightly and unwanted body hair? Then,look no further than Wellspring Derma Spa. From past several years we are helping our customers get rid of unwanted body hair without experiencing pain, discomfort or uneasiness. We are one of the highly renowned and trusted names when it comes to laser hair removal in Austin and why not, we use best quality equipments and have proper knowledge and understanding that how this procedure should be carried out to get the best results.

Our laser hair removal services are regarded as the fastest method of achieving permanent hair removal. Totally unlike other short term hair removal procedures, it provides a virtually painless solution to unwanted body hair.
There is no such thing like “one size fits all” at Wellspring. Our extensive range of lasers are approved by the FDA and broad selection of ace quality equipments allows us to tailor each procedure to the hair type, skin, body part as well as wishes of every customer. We use GentleLASE Laser that help us treat quickly, comfortable and effectively. When at Wellspring Derma Spa you can be sure to get best results. Our highly experienced staff or fully trained laser practitioners adjust the laser’s wavelength to suit your exact skin tone.
We also treat other conditions like: sun spots or age spots, freckles, vascular lesions, melasma and more.
So, now you know whom to contact for effective and safe laser hair removal in Austin.

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